It’s Just Dogs Play

Dogs play in ways many of us do not understand. I’ve had dogs that actually do not care to play. In fact, they seem not to know how to play. Yet, other dogs have been a little too playful.

But sometimes you have to wonder. Are the non-playful dogs really not into playing, or are they participating in some secret little game of their own?

Take hiding and avoidance. Timid dogs will do these when they are nervous of people or situations, but I’m not talking about those. They have a legitimate excuse.

Some dogs hide and avoid you because it’s their way of playing. It’s played out in their minds more than in their physical attitude. Imagine this for a moment.

You seek out your dog to give it some attention, but when he sees you coming, he quickly darts behind the sofa or under the table. Do you think he’s afraid of you? Not likely. So why is he doing that?

My guess is that he’s thinking, “Catch me if you can!” It’s how dogs have fun.

Now, you have two choices. Go in after him, or ignore him. Then, what do you think will happen?

If you go in, he’ll come out… the other side.

If you ignore him… he’ll sneak up behind you.

Tell me this isn’t dogs play.

Dogs have fun, too!

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