Hello. My Name Is Sylvia…

and I am a dog-a-holic!

Sylvia Dickens

Dogs have been a major part of my life since I can remember. We always had English Cocker Spaniels when I was young. When I grew up, got married and moved out, my home was empty without a dog.

My husband and I soon adopted a Pomeranian who we called Randy, and an American Eskimo Spitz who we named Nikki.

After they were gone, including my husband ;-), I adopted another American Eskimo that had been abused in his first home and feared by people in his second home. At 7 months of age, he came to live with me. There were many challenges; namely, his fear aggression. He would attack anything, including me.

My perseverance prevailed and I decided he needed a companion. That’s when I adopted Cindy, a lab/chow mix. They became the best of friends. She even taught him how to have fun!

Both of them died in 2005/2006. The “silence” was too much for me to bear, so once again I headed out to find another dog.

After visiting 2 shelters, I found Tyler, a Belgian Shepherd who was picked up as a stray. He’d been there for 3 weeks, yet he was already trained in the important things. I couldn’t fathom why the owners would not have retrieved him.

I soon figured out the possible reason. He is extremely dominant and independent – a challenging mixture. It wasn’t long before he got over my fence. Walking on the leash was a nightmare because he desperately hates being controlled.

Today, 3 years later, he still rejects the heel command, even though he knows it. We’re still working on his cooperation.

A few months ago, I decided to use what I know and continue to learn about dogs to help others. I’ve written several ebooks: Healthy Dog Nutrition Secrets and How to Overcome Dog Nuisance Behavior.

I launched a Puppy Parenting Course for owners who just don’t know how to care for a dog.

This course teaches you everything you could ever want to know about dogs, from breeds to dog care to dog training and more.

My most recent project is the Dog Talk Weekly Newsletter that launched on April 5, 2010. If you want to know more about these projects, here are the links:

Healthy Dog Nutrition Secrets – Discover how to choose a good nutritious dog food for your pet and avoid the dangers that have killed pets.

Dog Talk Weekly – You can sign up to start receiving the weekly issues that provide tips, facts, trivia and fun stuff. It’s free! AND, if you become a member, you can share your stories and enter the dog photo contests every month. PLUS, you can vote on your favorite dog photo.

I hope you enjoy my products, the Dog Talk Weekly newsletter, and reading my Dog Talk Blog.

Don’t be shy. I welcome your comments!


Sylvia Dickens
Writer, Photographer and Dog Lover
Owner and Publisher of Dog Talk Weekly