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Photo Gallery of Dogs

Keep your eye on this page. Over time, I will be taking photos of dogs – both my own and those I come across in my travels. This is where I will share them with you.

Nov. 4, 2010

My neighbor’s new puppy has arrived! Isn’t he adorable? He’s only 8 weeks old here. Say hello to Tyson. His story will appears in Dog Talk Weekly.

Puppies are inquisitive, especially around strangers

In case you’re wondering what has him so focused, it’s my dog, Tyler, on the other side of the fence.

Tyson - If only dogs could talk

My personal favorite. It wasn’t easy capturing this image, but well worth the time and effort. Unfortunately, my camera was acting up so I missed a lot of other good shots. I’ll see if I can get more.

Sept. 24, 2010

Joey is my neighbor’s dog. He loves to romp in and around everything, including my gardens.

You could mistake him for a statue. The only giveaway is that he won’t be in that spot for long.

Speaking of statues…!

Ok. What’s real and what isn’t?

Joey loves to tease my dog, Tyler. The Waiting Game: Who’s going to make the first move?

HEY!  What’s going on over there?


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