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Signs of a Dominant Dog and What Causes It

Your dog puts is front feet on your lap and licks your face. You think he is being cute and affectionate, but that would be a mistake. Your dog is showing signs of a dominant dog. You know how sly … Continue reading

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Some Things To Think About When Bringing A Puppy Home

It might be loads of fun for you, but the puppy might not see it that way at the beginning. It’s your job to ensure that bringing a puppy home does not distress the dog any more than necessary. Entering … Continue reading

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Puppy Health: Why Does She Have Diarrhea?

Puppy health is a major concern for anyone who has just adopted a new furry friend into the family. One big issue that can be a little unnerving is diarrhea. It’s not uncommon for new arrivals to suffer from this … Continue reading

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