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Here’s How To Potty Train Your Dog Quickly?

Toilet training a new puppy starts at the door, not on the kitchen floor. By making sure he goes out at certain points through the day, you can make toilet training much easier and quicker for you and your puppy. Follow these steps and you’ll be surprised how soon you see results. Continue reading

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Should you trust this face?

How easy it is to fall victim for those innocent eyes, the cute pose, the soft texture of the Pekingese.  You believe you can trust him and you turn your back. It only takes a second for you to find … Continue reading

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Dog Obsessive Behavior – What Can You Do?

When dogs exhibit obsessive behavior, you can be sure there’s a good reason. Most often, it relates to a conflict between the dog’s current living conditions and its inherited traits. The bigger the gap between them, the more likely your … Continue reading

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