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Is My Dog Sick? These Symptoms Can Indicate Serious Diseases

You would think that if someone has to ask, “Is my dog sick?” that there’s probably something to be concerned about. Fortunately, that’s not always the case. There are many mild conditions that can cause such symptoms as itching and … Continue reading

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Why Your Dog Training Methods Aren’t Working

Do you really want to know why your dog training methods aren’t working? Most owners don’t think they are doing anything wrong, yet they aren’t getting the results they expect. Rather than checking their methods, they blame the dog. “He’s … Continue reading

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Good Dog Training Respects A Dog’s Internal Calendar

Dogs are not unlike children in several ways, especially when it comes to stages of life. They experience pre-adolescence (9-13 months), Adolescence (13-24 months) and of course, they go through the toddler stage. Good dog training should take this into … Continue reading

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