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Why Dogs Pull On The Leash… Well, Tyler Sure Does.

It can be quite baffling when your dog pulls on the leash. Dogs will ignore the pain being inflicted by the “noose” tightening around their necks and will even cause themselves to gag. Yet, once they decide to forge ahead, even this will … Continue reading

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How A Puppy Learns Dog Communications From His Mom

Puppies begin to learn about dog communications within moments of being born. By licking the newborns, their mothers send them messages that teach them how to identify their mothers. It is achieved by the scent of the mother’s saliva. From … Continue reading

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Dog Behavior Isn’t All Bad

Is it really bad dog behavior? Honestly, we really do need to put things into perspective, don’t we? Dogs are dogs, as much as we consider them like our own children. Dog behavior is what they do naturally. But we … Continue reading

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