Dog Behavior Isn’t All Bad

Is it really bad dog behavior?

Honestly, we really do need to put things into perspective, don’t we? Dogs are dogs, as much as we consider them like our own children. Dog behavior is what they do naturally. But we tend to scold them or correct them because we think it’s somehow wrong.

What it really is, is not what we want them to do. We have our own expectations that are of absolutely no importance to your dog.

They chew things – because it’s what they do. They don’t know the difference between a shoe and a toy or a leg of lamb, except the flavor.

They bark – because it’s how they communicate. They aren’t like us humans who talk just to hear ourselves. Dogs “speak” only when they have something to say.

They bite – because they get over-enthusiastic. It’s how they show their feelings. Puppies nip each other and their mothers all the time. It’s what they do.

So next time your dog chews on your new carpet, barks at the wind, or bites the hand that feeds him… relax. It’s not bad dog behavior.

It’s normal dog behavior – your dog being a dog. You can’t punish him for that, now can you?

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