How A Puppy Learns Dog Communications From His Mom

Puppies begin to learn about dog communications within moments of being born. By licking the newborns, their mothers send them messages that teach them how to identify their mothers. It is achieved by the scent of the mother’s saliva.

From then on, the communication lessons have begun.

Puppies learn a lot from their siblings and parents, which is why it is crucial that they do not leave the “den” before they are two months of age. During these first few months, dogs discover how to communicate by wagging their tails, making vocal sounds, and moving their bodies in a certain way.

They soon find out what is acceptable and what is not as their siblings and parents will quickly put them in their place.

All these communication skills are lost when dogs are not socialized properly at the right age.

You can tell when a dog lacks socialization skills because he or she will not know how to behave around other beings. As they grow up, they will show a lack of tolerance for other dogs. And they will get themselves into trouble by not knowing what is acceptable behavior and what is not.

Can you socialize your dog after the fact?

Fortunately, you can overcome this lack by gently introducing the dog to different kinds of people. It will take longer for your dog to learn how to behave properly, but it is possible with patience and understanding.

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