Give Your (Small) Dog A Break!

You probably realize that small dog breeds are at a disadvantage. Their size puts them at risk for many problems:

  • being harmed by larger dogs that do not know their own strength,
  • getting gobbled up by birds of prey that see small dogs as just another source of food.
  • Limited reach when they want to get your attention by nudging your leg
  • Being at risk of getting stepped on by those big, lumbering adults
  • Getting themselves into trouble by squeezing through tiny spaces in your fence

But there is one disadvantage you might not have considered: how easy they can get lost in deep grass.

Plus, can you imagine how it must feel when small dogs walk through uncut lawns and those pokey blades of grass tickle their undersides. How uncomfortable it must be.

I used to have a toy Pomeranian. He was quite adept at staying out from under my feet. We went on lots of walks together. One day, we ventured into a wilderness area along a stream. There was no path to speak of.

Now, I’ve always had medium sized dogs, so the problems this situation might cause Randy never came to mind. Until he got a bit ahead of me and disappeared. The grass was about 2 feet high, and he was nowhere to be seen.

When I called him, he popped up and tried to lurch over the tall grass that kept flashing past his eyes. He blinked repeatedly as it hit too close to his face. Eventually, he just sat down and refused to move. In a sense, he was intimidated by the tall grass.

Needless to say, we stayed out of the tall grass from then on.

Still, it’s a fond memory of little Randy who was very loving and fun to have around.

If you have a small dog breed, you might want to trim your lawn a little more frequently this summer!

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