Is My Dog Sick? These Symptoms Can Indicate Serious Diseases

You would think that if someone has to ask, “Is my dog sick?” that there’s probably something to be concerned about. Fortunately, that’s not always the case. There are many mild conditions that can cause such symptoms as itching and scratching and vomiting.

For instance, dogs sniff the ground, they wander into tall grass, the swallow unsavory items. In response, they get runny noses, parasites and runny noses. These symptoms can be serious if they persist or are severe. If you think your dog is suffering from these mild but persistent symptoms, don’t take any changes. Take him to the vet.

These dog sickness symptoms can indicate serious illness.

If you have any suspicions whatsoever, take your dog to the vet. Nothing can replace his valuable expertise in these matters.

Frequent loose stool, sometimes bloody, or constipation

There’s little doubt that your dog is probably suffering from some sort of bowel disorder. It could be something he ate, but it also could be caused by parasites, an intestinal blockage or internal disease.


So many things can cause this, from a pulled muscle, a small fracture, joint dislocation or some other injury. The problem might not be where you think it is. Check all areas that make sense, such as the feet, the legs, the hips, the knees and the elbows. You are looking to see any visible signs of injury, such as splinters, cuts and sores.

If you find nothing, watch your dog over the next day or two to see if the limping includes abnormal movements. Your dog could have arthritis, but if other symptoms are present such as vomiting, it could indicate renal disorder, especially in older dogs.

Whiteness in the eyes

This could indicate corneal opacity that can occur in diseases like trypanasomosis. When the dog becomes anemic, the mucous membrane of the eyes becomes paler and in severe cases, this may have wall white color.

Unusual biting

If the dog bites his chain, the owners or other people and pets, look for behavior disorders. Rabies needs to be ruled out.

They could be temporary, but severe or persistent symptoms  are signs of a sick dog.

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