Why Your Dog Training Methods Aren’t Working

Do you really want to know why your dog training methods aren’t working? Most owners don’t think they are doing anything wrong, yet they aren’t getting the results they expect. Rather than checking their methods, they blame the dog.

  • “He’s just stubborn.”
  • “He refuses to do as I say.”
  • “She’s just being bad.”
  • “She isn’t listening to me.”

These are all directed at the dog’s behavior. This is your first mistake.

Dog training depends a great deal of the relationship you have with your dog. If he or she has not yet learned to trust you, your training will be ineffective. Or at best, you might achieve some basic commands, but don’t expect to go beyond that.

What should you do when your dog training methods don’t seem to be working?

  1. Make sure you are giving each method sufficient time to work.
  2. Make sure you are giving the commands the same way every time.
  3. Make certain everyone in your family is following the same methods.

When you can check all of those off, take a look at the particular exercise. Is there another way to do it that might be more agreeable with your dog? Or perhaps that he might better understand?

Dogs are like people – they all learn in their own way. You can’t use ne teaching method on one person and expect it to work for everyone. The same rule applies in dog training.

If you don’t know any other way to train your dog than what you learned way back when, look into some of the great dog training methods that are offered by experts.

Remember, it’s not your dog. You just need to switch your dog training techniques.

Is your dog misbehaving? Take a look at this resource:

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  1. Like they say, there’s no such thing as a bad dog, only bad (or ignorant) dog owners.

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