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It’s Just Dogs Play

Dogs play in ways many of us do not understand. I’ve had dogs that actually do not care to play. In fact, they seem not to know how to play. Yet, other dogs have been a little too playful. But … Continue reading

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Dog Behavior Isn’t All Bad

Is it really bad dog behavior? Honestly, we really do need to put things into perspective, don’t we? Dogs are dogs, as much as we consider them like our own children. Dog behavior is what they do naturally. But we … Continue reading

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Does Anyone Really Know How To Take Care Of A Dog?

Does anyone really know how to take care of a dog? Ok. I agree. Lots of people do. But the thing is, does your dog want the kind of care you are providing? Dogs have personalities. You and I know … Continue reading

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Broken Fences

Is your dog the type that just wants to go where no dog has gone before? My Belgian Shepherd cannot be restrained by obstacles including gates across doorways, garden plant containers strategically placed to stop him from diving off the … Continue reading

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Never Underestimate the Strength of a Jack Russell Terrier

Last summer, I noticed a stray dog wandering down my street. Concerned for its safety, I quickly jogged after him. He was running in and out of people’s driveways, checking things. As I got closer, I noticed he was dragging … Continue reading

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