Here’s What You Can Do When Dogs Bark At Night

Perhaps nothing is worse than having dogs bark at night. It can ruin your sleep and put you in a bad mood the next day. Some owners seem oblivious to this noise problem.

If you have a dog that insists on barking at night, there are a few things you can do.

1. Keep him indoors after a certain hour so as not to disturb the neighbors. If your dog is not allowed in the house, at least put him in a safe place, like his kennel.

2. Realize that dogs bark when they are lonely and isolated from “society”. If this is your case, find a way to ensure that the dog gets sufficient attention during the day.

3. Teach your dog when enough is enough. You will notice that dogs bark in sets. They don’t bark incessantly. Those breaks are clues. They are natural, which means you can work with them to teach your dog at which break to stop.

4. If you leave him outdoors, make sure your dog has sufficient water to sustain him through the night.

5. Make sure he has a warm (or cool) place to stay during hot or cold nights. Dogs don’t always bark because of something they hear way off in the distance or in the neighbor’s back yard. Sometimes, they are just plain uncomfortable.

6. In really cold weather, it’s a good idea to put your dog somewhere warm, in your basement or garage, for instance. Just make sure that he cannot access any dangerous chemicals, such as anti-freeze. If it has spilled on the garage floor, your dog can lick up enough to become seriously ill.

If it’s an uncooperative neighbor’s dog, you might have to resort to wearing earplugs.

Dogs bark at night for many reasons. At best, you can minimize them and hope your dog training does the trick.

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