How I Succeeded At Puppy House Training

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How I Succeeded At Puppy House Training

Having had dogs all my life, I can tell you that puppy house training has to be one of the most time-consuming. I mean, gads. It goes on for weeks, months. I’ve even had a dog that occasionally had an accident when he was 2 years old!

(Although, I admit it was my own fault for not giving him sufficient time to relieve himself before I headed off to work.)

I have to question some people who say they house trained their puppy in 2 weeks – some even less. It’s true you can teach your puppy to go outside in 2 weeks, but the training is far from complete.

You have to keep in mind that it takes time for a puppy to learn how to control his or her bladder. It doesn’t happen in 2 weeks. But I do know what they mean.

Nikki was a 5-weeks-old puppy when I got him. His house training was relatively quick, but there was a good reason. I kept my eye on him. When I saw the signs, I whipped him outside before he could do anything inside.

The problem was when I went to work. During those times, he stayed in the kitchen on newspaper. But when we were home, I removed that and put paper in front of the patio door to give him the idea of going to a door. It was easy to open the door and let him out.

And best of all, he learned that whenever he had to go, he went to the exterior door. And he gave me that all-important clue to take him out.

We lived in a 6th floor apartment at the time, so having the patio was an excellent alternative to being in a home with a door straight to a grass yard.

Wherever you live, this is one tip that always worked for me.

Put the newspaper (or special pad) right in front of or beside your back door. Teach him to go there. From there, it’s easy to just open the door and show him the outside.

This worked much better than my earlier method of putting the paper in the kitchen. In essence, I was teaching him to use the kitchen. And one day, I thought, why not train him to go where I want him to go instead? The back door. It worked!

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