Some Things To Think About When Bringing A Puppy Home

It might be loads of fun for you, but the puppy might not see it that way at the beginning. It’s your job to ensure that bringing a puppy home does not distress the dog any more than necessary.

Entering a new world, with new people and noises can be alarming for a puppy who’s just left her mother and siblings. If you don’t take special care at this time, you could end up with a fear aggressive dog.

Here’s how you can start her out on the right foot…. er, paw.

  • Keep introductions down to a minimum on the first day. Let her sniff around and get a sense of her new surroundings first.
  • Make her bed as cozy and warm as you can – with a blanket and soft toy to represent her bother’s warm body.
  • Stay with her as much as possible until she feels comfortable in her new home.
  • Encourage her to move around if she tends to draw back into her crate.
  • Play with her to take her mind off things. It also gives her the perfect chance to bond with you quickly.

These are just some of the things you can do. Just keep in mind what the experience will be like for her and how you can ease her fears.

Most of all, don’t pamper her too much as this will only reinforce her fear. Let her sit beside you while she looks around. Don’t pick her up and hold her when she is afraid.

It sounds cruel, but puppies will soon adapt to their new surroundings if you’ll just give them the opportunity.

Bringing a puppy home is a happy event for you now, and it will be for your puppy once she settles in.

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