Is Giving Dog Bones To Your Best Friend A Good Idea?

This is a hot topic nowadays. Dog owners are becoming increasingly concerned about their pets’ health. In the past, they might have given bones to their dogs, but are now concerned about potential dangers.

The overall consensus is that it’s not really a good idea. You have to be very selective of the types of bones you feed him, plus you really need to keep your eye on him. Should he somehow manage to break off and swallow a piece, you can be there to help him.

Broken pieces can lodge inside the mouth, which is not only uncomfortable, but poses the risk of him choking on it.

Let me tell you my story.

We always fed bones to our dogs, so I never considered it to be a problem. Not until one day, I gave my dog a lamb bone. It was one of the bigger bones and I was sure he’d be fine with it.

Much to my alarm, he did break it and without my knowing, had swallowed several shards.

All of a sudden, he started heaving. I rushed him outside where he threw up this sizeable shard of bone. It was shockingly sharp, pointed like an arrow tip, giving it not only one sharp point, but three. It was about 3″ long.

How he managed to throw it up without causing internal damage is beyond me, but I’m glad he was okay. From then on, I decided, “No more bones”.

I’ve since discovered that beef knuckle bones seem to be the least destructible. Dogs can gnaw on them forever and they’ll barely scratch the surface, so to speak.

I’ve since discovered other equally effective teeth cleaning aids for my dogs. My current dog loves the Kong toys and will chew on them incessantly all day long. His teeth are in incredible shape.

If you’re worried about your dog’s oral hygiene and are tentative about giving dog bones, there are many rubber toys that will do the trick.

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