Building My Dog Fence Had Tyler Scheming

If you’ve been following along with me over the past few weeks, you’ll know that my Shepherd, Tyler, broke the fence recently. Last week, I set to work to build a new one – pounding in those heavy metal 3′ stakes, cutting the wood, adding the boards. And yesterday, I added the gate.

While I was working, I glanced down the path and noticed Tyler lying there, watching me. He usually doesn’t do that. He’ll go off and amuse himself somewhere in the back yard, or just lie on the back deck. But not this time.

It gave me an odd feeling, to be honest, because I could almost hear his thoughts.

“Now let’s see. She’s blocked that area there, and now she’s putting that thing across the opening. What are my options?”

On top of that, I was sure I heard him say, “She thinks that’s going to stop me, but she’s not too bright. Nothing can stop me. I already know how I’m going to get out.”

When dogs are scheming, you can almost hear their brains churning away, can’t you? I mean, just look at their facial expressions as they secretly watch you… planning, plotting, and thinking who knows what about their owners.

What matters most to me right now is the nice new fence and properly installed gate that I’ve wanted to build for over a year. And there it sits. It works great!

Had Tyler been my Nikki or Cindy, he would not have been such a problem. When he decides to make a move, he does, regardless of the consequences. Nikki and Cindy could care less about escaping, and were quite obedient.

I’m convinced Tyler could have been as well-behaved, but he had already gotten away with too much by the time I got him. He was almost a year old then. I’ve never been able to contain him when he decides he wants to go and play with the boys out back.

Dog training at an early age is so important. Did you know you can start training your dog when he or she is only a few months old? Nikki was about 6 weeks old when I started training him. Cindy was 5 months old when I adopted her, but she was much more anxious to please than Tyler is.

Recently, I was scouring the internet for dog training help for Tyler’s dominance issues and came across a dog trainer who seems to know her stuff. She has trained dogs for television and movies, yet she looks quite young. But you cannot judge a person’s abilities by their age, can you?

You can see her dog training methods on the video at Dove Cresswells Dog Training Online .

Dog Training Videos Online

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