Dog Talk Weekly provides space in each issue for advertisers. You can get a free copy of the newsletter by subscribing here.


We offer both classifieds and solo mailings.


NOTE: The only ads that will be accepted must be related to dogs and the interests of my readers. Acceptable topics include dog furniture, dog-related services, dog advice, dog training, dog accessories, dog food, dog competitions (i.e.: agility, tracking, herding), vet care, etc. All ads must be family-friendly.


I will personally examine all ads submitted and reserve the right to reject any ads that I deem to be in poor taste or in any way inappropriate for my readers.



4 lines / 250 characters. $15 per insertion. Discounted rates for multiple insertions. One Month Minimum. Please send specifics via my contact form, including type of ad, number of insertions, your contact information. Do not forget to include the name of the publication in which you wish to advertise.


Solo Ads:

Simply provide me with your one-page ad (to fit an auto responder email). If you wish to include images, please keep in mind that not all recipients can receive HTML and image documents. To make sure everyone sees your ad, you can send me a plain text and HTML versions. Please note that ads must be auto-responder ready, so I only have to cut and paste.



All ads must be paid via PayPal prior to insertion.

Once the ad is published, there will be no refunds.

If the ad contains errors as a result of something I did, you will be credited with one free insertion.

If the ad contains errors as a result of something you did, you will be able to re-submit it at half price.

Note: I cannot be held responsible for any delays in distribution caused by Get Response.


I strongly advise you to subscribe to the newsletter so you can keep track of your ads, to make sure they are correct, and to ensure they get published. (I am not perfect and sometimes when things get hectic, ads can get missed. I do apologize in advance should this ever occur to you. If it is crucial that your ad be published on a given date, please mark it URGENT along with the date of publication.




Dog Talk Weekly is published Monday of every week, however please be aware that the actual delivery time will depend on the auto responder service and how busy it is.


All issues are distributed through Get Response, which is one of the top auto responder services with a good delivery record.


NOTE: Dog Talk Weekly does not publish in July since many people (including me) will be taking holidays during that month.


Please note that all ads for the upcoming week MUST BE RECEIVED by 3 p.m. EST on the preceding Thursday.

Please make your payment below, and then use this contact form to submit your ad with your preferred publication date, and to submit any queries.



Classified Ad x1 Insertion   $15

Classified Ad x2 Insertions $30

Classified Ad x3 Insertions $45

Classified Ad x4 Insertions $55


Solo Ad x1 Insertion   $  75

Solo Ad x2 Insertions $142

Solo Ad x3 Insertions $212

Solo Ad x4 Insertions $275


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