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In Dog Talk Weekly Digest we talk about everything related to dogs, from dog breeds, dog care, dog health, dog nutrition and dog training to interesting and fun dog facts and trivia.

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But that is a good thing, because you will learn a great deal about dog care and how to have fun with your dog. And you'll have some chuckles as well. And it's FREE!

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Subscriber Testimonial


 I have a good understanding of dog behavior, but you still managed to teach me something new...


Hi Sylvia


So far all the articles given freely have had excellent content and I particularly like the unusual angle you are taking, my favorite being “What does that Bark Mean?”  I have a good understanding of dog behavior, but you still managed to teach me something new.  There is a wealth of knowledge in all these articles.


I would strongly recommend anyone interested in dog anecdotes, behavior, dog training or even if  they only want to share their doggy stories to join your free “Dog Talk Weekly” Digest.


Keep the articles coming, I am listening.


C. Trew,

Hampshire - UK”



What Dog Talk Weekly IS NOT...


1. All serious articles

2. Re-hashed material you've read everywhere else

3. Boring and bland

4. More ads and promotions than content


Dog Talk Weekly IS...


1. A good mix of serious articles and light conversation

2. Fun and interesting personal stories

3. Tidbits of information and dog trivia that you might never know

4. Useful new approaches to dog ownership and dog care

5. A place for members to share their tips and dog owner stories

6. An easy read presented in a friendly, personal tone

7. 99% helpful content (1% decoration)


And perhaps most importantly...


8. Fresh material that I research "offline"


I don't just scour the Internet to duplicate what you will find everywhere else. I do real research to get you fresh information. I use my journalism expertise to root out (excuse the pun) new advice and tips that you can use to enhance your dog ownership skills... while expanding your knowledge about dogs in general.


And I do my best to make it FUN! for you and for me. Nobody wants to read a publication that is all serious content. I know I don't.


Dogs is a fun topic and I aim to reflect it in each issue.


Here is a sample of the types of things you'll read about every week in Dog Talk Weekly Digest:

  • Practical advice on dog care

  • Nutrition information

  • Tips on dog training

  • Advice on how to keep your dog safe

  • Product suggestions (accessories, fencing, dog carriers, dog furniture, and more)

  • Pros and Cons of dog ownership

  • Boarding your dog

  • Traveling with your dog

  • Caring for a senior dog

  • How to survive when your dog dies

  • Tips on how to choose a dog that's right for you

  • Tidbits that make dog breeds unique

Plus Interesting facts like these:

  • Can your dog see color?

  • Do dogs have ESP?

  • Clues on detecting movement

  • Their acute hearing

  • Your dog's limited distance vision

  • What's in a nose print?

  • Deafness in white dogs

  • Why dogs have more extensive side vision than humans

  • How they track

  • How they stay cool

  • Can a dog add?

  • How your dog uses images

  • Sense of smell capabilities
    (did you know Scotties do not have a scent gene?)

And then, YOUR stories about:

  • Tips to overcome problems that work for you

  • Warnings that you've come across that can help protect dogs

  • Discoveries about your dog that can help other dog owners

  • Your dog's latest trick

  • Your dog's biggest human trait

  • Funny stories about your dog

  • Quirky and odd dog behavior

  • Situations with your dog that you found interesting

  • Smart moves by your dog (who would've thought a dog would do that?)

  • Homemade dog food recipes - (must be healthy and nutritious)

  • and anything else that will interest our readers

  • plus you'll even be able to submit questions to see if our readers have answers.

Reader Competitions

If there's enough reader input, I will consider running the occasional dog owner's competition. I welcome your suggestions for this section.

As you can see, subscribing to Dog Talk Weekly Digest can turn out to be one of the best things you can do. Look at the fun you'll have as a member - and as a participant, if you wish to contribute. (Remember. You don't have to participate if you don't want to. It's not a prerequisite.)


Dog Talk Weekly Digest provides tips, trivia and insights about dogs, dog care and dog training... and YOU get to participate!

Dog Talk Weekly is truly

The Dog Digest where YOU get to contribute!

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